Important News about Playafied

Recently, a few major hurdles experienced in the planning of Playafied had led to last minute changes and challenges. As a result, discussions and consultations about the feasibility of producing a high quality event in the time left to us, has led us to a decision that no one wanted to make. In the interest of creating an event that we can all be proud of, Playafied has been cancelled for November 22nd, 2014.

The enormous outpouring of community support and the desire to celebrate together, makes this news difficult to announce, but it is the sincere wish of everyone involved, that we continue to throw the same calibre of event as Dust Off and After Glow. As you can imagine, creating an event large enough to fan the flames of a thousand burners is no small feat.

Until then, there is time for discussion and planning, and the opportunity for the community to bring forward ideas, expertise, art, music, and potential venues, to create the awesome event we were all looking forward to. The GVIAS board is still open to suggestions and anyone who has ideas should contact us.


Your feedback and input is important at this time. Please do not hesitate to comment.